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Mongoose Library - a state-of-the art open source embedded web server
Examples & Tutorials
Ready-to-use Web UI templates, Extensive tutorials and examples
Integration Services
We can professionally design and implement a Web UI for you

Mongoose Library

The best in class, versatile embedded network library that works on Windows, UNIX, STM32, NXP, TI, RP2040 and many other platforms


Trusted and reliable

20 years on the market
10k+ Github stars
Used by thousands of companies in military, industrial, medical, consumer, and other sectors
Trusted by NASA, runs on ISS

Extensive protocol support

HTTP, Websocket - for Web UI
MQTT - for talking to IoT cloud services
SMTP - for sending emails
SNTP - for synchronizing time
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Examples and Tutorials

Over 80 examples that cover vast number of use cases


Device control panel

One of the most common use cases is to use Mongoose to add a Web-accessible control panel for a device


Login screen, file uploads, settings pages

Ready-to-go examples and tutorials for common functionalities like authentication, live logs, video streaming

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Integration Services

Need to implement a top quality, professionally looking Web Interface for your product?

Make our experience your asset

We specialize in Embedded Web UI development
9+ years of professional services experience
Collected vast amount of specific knowledge over the years
We're happy to share that knowledge with you

We guarantee

Professional implementation inside and out
Shortest delivery time
Incremental progress
Full transparency, per hour reporting
Real-time communication, immediate feedback
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We share the essence of our 20+ years expertise in:
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