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Mongoose Networking Library compared to other solutions

Mongoose Library provides a high level of assurance in terms of reliability and security.

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Support and proven track record in comparison with the free alternatives

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Better value and support in comparison with the commercial competitors

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Very high Github rank, as for embedded C/C++ library: over 10,000 stars

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Proven and tested with time: over 20 years of track record

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Deployed to hundreds of millions devices worldwide

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Trusted by hundreds of companies big and small: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Broadcom, Samsung, Bosch, Google, Caterpillar and many others

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Secure: the fact that Mongoose Library is used by NASA aboard the International Space Station is the best confirmation to it


When making a choice, the following Q&A can assist you in handling common objections:


Q: What should I consider when deciding between building internally versus buying?

A: Opting to build an internal tool or software often falls short in value compared to focusing on delivering the core product your company sells.

Consider the following questions:
  • How essential is this tool or software for your company?
  • Does it truly outweigh the benefits of building your core product?
Taking a moment to evaluate whether building internally is genuinely worth pursuing before investing substantial time in it is a wise approach. It's far more satisfying than grappling with the challenges of a poorly executed system for years.
Learn from a real-life story of a developer who discovered the repercussions of making the wrong choice between building internally versus buying: ”Making the wrong choice on build vs. buy”.

Q: Why not simply search for free examples and implement it yourself?

A: Bad idea! Here is why:

Choosing to implement a free solution and handling its internal support instead of purchasing from a trusted vendor is a suboptimal and less strategic choice. This approach introduces a hidden and unpredictable maintenance burden, akin to something developed in-house. Moreover, you miss out on the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the system since it's unlikely you can hire the person who originally created it.
Consider also the following:

1. Bugs

Bugs in freshly written software are virtually inevitable, particularly in complex or hard-to-catch corner cases. It's important to acknowledge that even with the most skilled development team and rigorous testing, some issues may arise as software complexity increases. These bugs can range from minor glitches to critical flaws that impact your product’s stability and reliability.
Neglecting the potential pitfalls associated with shortcuts can lead to a negative impact on your customers’ experience and satisfaction. Unresolved bugs and lack of proper support can lead to customers’ frustration, damaging your brand reputation and potentially driving customers away.
By choosing Mongoose Library you safeguard your product's stability, reliability, and overall success in the competitive technological landscape.

2. Security holes

Freshly written, proprietary software is not scanned for security holes. By opting for free solutions or in-house development without proper consideration, you're taking a risk with your product's security.
Investing in Mongoose Library provides access to well-tested and maintained software, reducing the likelihood of serious bugs affecting your product's security and performance.

3. Development time and cost

Additionally, the time required for development, maintenance, bug-fixing, and support can take a toll on your resources. The true cost of these activities often goes beyond the initial investment, as ongoing efforts are needed to ensure the software remains secure and up-to-date.
Choosing Mongoose Library can alleviate this burden, allowing your team to focus on core business objectives.

Q: Why not search for a similar project and utilize that instead?

A: When it comes to alternatives, Mongoose stands out with an impressive track record of deployment on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide in production.

With the Mongoose Library, we assure you of the following:
  • Exceptional performance and reliability, backed by a proven track record of over 20 years.
  • Rock-solid stability, effectively addressing critical issues faced by other alternatives.
  • Straightforward implementation facilitated by a single source file design and comprehensive documentation.
  • Continuous development and unwavering commitment to identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities at an early stage, ensuring that your products remain relevant and secure in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

What our customers say

quote If you are debating which library to use, don't make our mistake and try something else, as Mongoose Web Server Library does exactly what it needs to do. We started with a different C++ library that seemed like it would be easier to use, but it was riddled with bugs that made it unusable for our purposes. All the issues we had with the other library were solved with Mongoose.
Mongoose was very straightforward to implement and we didn't have any issues integrating. The single source file design made it extremely easy to work with and made a very low impact on our build process. This was also part of why we chose it. quote
quote We looked through many different libraries and solutions, but with the Mongoose Web Server Library, just within a couple of hours, we built a proof of concept.
With the help of examples, it was pretty straightforward to build the server. The Mongoose Library manages everything related to the Network stack, from IP up to HTTP - everything just works. We faced no problems with the Mongoose Web Server.
We now have a stable solution for customers, everything based around a simple RESTful API built with the Mongoose Library. quote

What our returning customers say

Below you can find an example of what we often hear back (many months or even years after out initial conversation) from the returning customers who initially chose an alternative offer over Mongoose:

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