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Reference Projects

Our reference projects work on Linux, Windows, Mac, STM32, NXP, RP2040, TI and other embedded platforms. Same code builds on Windows/Linux and embedded device. The Web UI can be developed fast and quick on a workstation and then moved with no changes to a device

Device Web UI Dashboard

This project provides a generic skeleton for a device that needs dashboard and settings pages

Project includes

User/password authentication with login screen
Generic dashboard page
Generic settings page
Firmware update page
Event viewer page

Used Technologies

Backend: Mongoose Library
Frontend JS framework: preact
Frontend CSS framework: Tailwind CSS

Device Management System

This project provides a sample firmware implementation for devices that can be managed via an Device Management Dashboard, and an example for the Management Web Dashboard. Both device and Management Dashboard use an MQTT server, which can be a 3rd party server like AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, HiveMQ, or a private server.

Project includes

Device Firmware
Management Dashboard

Used Technologies

Device: Mongoose Library
Dashboard's Frontend JS: Preact
Dashboar's Frontend CSS: Tailwind CSS
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