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Mongoose Web Server professional integration services

More often than not, a company developing an embedded product does not have in-house expertise in networking or professional Web UI development.
However, it is crucial to have a well-executed user-facing interface (UI) to gain maximum customer traction. This is where we can assist you - let our expertise serve you!

Professionally designed UI

Our team can design a snappy, beautiful, and professionally-looking Web and/or Mobile interface for your product


Leverage our expertise

We have been implementing Web UI for our customers for years, gaining significant experience along the way. We are delighted to share our expertise with you

Top quality in shortest time

Hire us and benefit from top-notch quality, reliability, and the fastest implementation time.

We guarantee

Incremental progress
Full transparency, per hour reporting
Real-time communication, immediate feedback
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Optimal development process

Mongoose Library offers a unique feature: it is highly cross-platform. This means that when you implement a Web UI on a workstation, the same UI will seamlessly work on an embedded system with just a simple rebuild. This significantly speeds up development, making it lightning fast


Mocked implementation

In many instances, it is sufficient to gather UI requirements and implement the UI on the workstation, simulating the hardware functions. In this scenario, your team doesn't even need to share the embedded code with us!

End-to-end implementation

Alternatively, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and handle the embedded part as well. This means we will take care of implementing everything from start to finish
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