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Mongoose Library Consulting Services

Customers are oftentimes focused on a specific product within their domain, but might be lacking the necessary embedded networking expertise. At Cesanta we have a wealth of experience in embedded networking and IoT and can apply it for the customer’s benefit through our professional consulting services. Our consulting services are a cost effective and efficient way for customers to focus on what they do best.

Mongoose Jump-Start

Jumpsart program accelerates your product development and reduces your project risks. It is designed for a quick and effective initial startup with the Mongoose Library and embedded networking. It includes:

  • Skeleton application development specifically for your project
  • Small footprint and performance optimization
  • TLS support


Size, memory constraints and speed are a big part of embedded and IoT systems. Optimization consulting is provided to help developers with tuning and optimizing the performance and memory usage of the networking library.


Consulting is provided for developers wanting to port the Mongoose Library to the new embedded platform.