Mongoose Web Server is an executable desktop application built on top of Mongoose Library. It requires no installation and no configuration to start. Simply copy mongoose.exe to any directory you want to serve, and double-click! Mongoose will iconify to a system tray, where you can tune it if required.

Mongoose has one unqique feature that no other server has: with a single click, you can enable global sharing. With global sharing, you'll get a publicly visible URL that you can share with anyone on Internet, and your shared folder / website will be visible globally. No file copying / uploading is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global sharing (beta)

Enable instant Global Sharing with no registration required!
With a single click, you can enable Global Sharing on your Mongoose Web Server.
Global sharing makes Files and Web Pages on your local computer visible to anyone on the Internet whom you share a link with. It does not require any extra file uploads.

Download Mongoose

1. Create a new folder C:\mongoose
2. Right-click on the download button
3. Choose "Save As", save to C:\mongoose folder
4. Double-click on exe to start (minimises to a tray icon)
5. Right-click on a tray icon to change settings

NOTE: this is a command line utility, not a GUI app
1. Click on the download button
2. Start terminal
3. Run $HOME/Downloads/mongoose_mac -h

NOTE: this is a command line utility, not a GUI app
1. Click on the download button
2. Start terminal
3. Run $HOME/Downloads/mongoose_linux -h

Unique Features

Instant, no installation
Mongoose does not require installation or configuration. Double-click on executable to run it, and Mongoose starts to serve a directory where it lives
Global sharing
Enable secure global sharing with a single click - and instantly share your data with anyone on Internet. No registration, no file uploads required
Website serving
Mongoose is a web server. That means if you share a directory with a web site, Mongoose shows it as a web site
Access from any device
Since Mongoose is a web server, shared data can be viewed from any device with a browser - from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone

Configuration file reference

A configuration file "mongoose.conf" is optional. If it is present, it should be located in the same directory as a mongoose.exe. file. Each configuration parameter is optional. Empty lines, and lines that start with the # character, are ignored.

-a log_file.txtLog file. Default: not set, logs are thrown away
-d c:\my\dirDirectory to serve. Default: a directory where binary is located
-g yesEnable global sharing. Default: not enabled
-l address. Default:
-v 3Debug level. Default: 2