Global sharing (beta)

Global sharing makes Files and Web Pages on your local computer visible to anyone on the Internet whom you share a link with.

It does not require any extra file uploads and you can enable Global Sharing on your Mongoose Web Server with a single click.

It is Ideal for:
  • Web developers / web designers sharing their work (developed web pages) with remote customers,
  • Knowledge workers sharing their files with remote customers or team members.
Currently available in a Beta release for Windows PC only.

Let us have a quick look on how it works:

1) Download Windows.exe from
2) Double click to Run the downloaded file.
3) Allow to Windows and Antivirus / Firewall applications installed on your PC to launch Mongoose.exe.
Mongoose Web Server has been on the market since 2004, trusted and used by millions. It contains NO viruses or malware.
4) Once started, Mongoose Web Server is minimised to a tray icon.
5) Right-click on a tray icon to access Mongoose settings.
6) To enable a Global Sharing functionality click on “(New!) Global URL disabled. Enable...” option in the menu.
7) Once enabled a following message appears.
Where the symbols combination before ”” is your unique identificator.
8) When a Global Sharing is enabled Mongoose icon in the tray is changed to display a little globe.
9) Go to Mongoose menu and click on “Go to global URL”.
10) Your default browser will be opened with the content of your shared folder.
You can copy this URL and send it to anyone on the Internet whom you want to share a link with. This person will be able to download the files you are sharing.
11) If the content of your Shared folder is a website (it has an index.html), Mongoose Web Server will show it to the receiving person as a web site.
12) Happy Sharing!
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