Raspberry Pi

  • Follow the Raspberry Pi Getting Started guide, you don't actually need a display nor anything other than probably an Ethernet cable if your model does not have Wi-Fi, so you'd probably like to skip to the Installing the OS section.

  • Follow the Build Tools tutorial to setup your development environment in a Linux host. Quite likely the native tools are already installed.

  • Start a terminal in the project directory; clone the Mongoose Library repo, go to the example of your choice and run the make all command:

    $ git clone https://github.com/cesanta/mongoose
    $ cd mongoose/tutorials/http/http-server
    $ make all
  • You are done !

  • You can develop software to run on your Raspberry Pi, or you can use it as a host to develop firmware to be run on microcontrollers, just install the proper environment and go !

Raspberry Pi