Build Feature-Rich Web Servers on STM32F479VI

Create robust web servers empowered by Mongoose

  • Create powerful web servers on STM32F479VI microcontrollers with the help of Mongoose, a trusted network library in the industry. Mongoose offers built-in protocols and straightforward integration, allowing you to develop feature-rich web server applications.
  • The versatility of Mongoose's built-in protocols, including plain TCP/UDP, SNTP, HTTP, MQTT, and WebSocket, opens up countless possibilities for your web server projects. You can implement RESTful APIs, facilitate telemetry data exchange, and provide seamless remote control and software/firmware updates to your products.
  • Broadcom Inc., a well-established technology company, integrated the Mongoose Web Server Library into their 'RoboOS for Avenger' family of low-power fast-ethernet switches. The Principal Engineer, Tony Gaunce, praised Mongoose for its stability, extensive feature set, ongoing updates, and exceptional support.
  • Seamless integration is at the core of Mongoose, making it easy to add networking capabilities to your STM32F479VI . Simply copy the 'mongoose.c' and 'mongoose.h' files to your source tree, and you're ready to enjoy Mongoose's exceptional performance and reliability.
  • The STM32F479VI , combined with Mongoose, provides efficient support for SSL/TLS via mbedTLS, OpenSSL, or custom APIs. This ensures secure connections for your web server applications, protecting sensitive data and providing peace of mind to end-users.
  • Elevate your web server projects to new heights with Mongoose, a trusted and feature-packed network library. Enjoy seamless integration, robust performance, and outstanding support as you build web servers that meet and exceed the expectations of your users on STM32F479VI microcontrollers.
Build Feature-Rich Web Servers on STM32F479VI

Customer Testimonials

"Easily, Mongoose is one of the best web servers on the market. Mongoose has helped us to achieve the required level of performance with the seamless integration. It is very stable and we have not encountered any significant bugs."
– Santhosh Kumar, Lead Architect
   Schneider Electric (France)
"Mongoose Library is well documented, well supported, stable and full of features. It has a proven track record, obvious ongoing updates and enhancements, and functionality. After testing Mongoose and exploring the features it was the clear winner."
– Tony Gaunce, Principal Engineer
   Broadcom Inc. (USA)
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