STM32H750VB microcontroller: Unleash the Power of Mongoose Library

Experience the full potential of the STM32H750VB powered by Mongoose

  • The STM32H750VB , in combination with Mongoose Library, offers unparalleled capabilities for connected devices and network programming like no other.
  • With Mongoose's event-driven and non-blocking APIs for TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSocket, and MQTT, the STM32H750VB is your gateway to seamless device connectivity and online presence.
  • Benefit from the cross-platform compatibility of the STM32H750VB, working effortlessly on Linux/UNIX, MacOS, Windows, Android, and various embedded platforms.
  • Whether you're looking to implement web UI interfaces, RESTful API services, or remote software updates, the STM32H750VB and Mongoose have got you covered, just like they did for Schenck Process Europe GmbH with their 'DISOMAT Tersus' weighing terminal.
  • Seamlessly integrate the H750VB with Mongoose Library by copying the mongoose.c and mongoose.h files to your source tree - it's that simple.
  • Choose the H750VB for your development needs and harness the power and ease-of-use of Mongoose Library.

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STM32H750VB microcontroller: Unleash the Power of Mongoose Library

Customer Testimonials

"Easily, Mongoose is one of the best web servers on the market. Mongoose has helped us to achieve the required level of performance with the seamless integration. It is very stable and we have not encountered any significant bugs."
– Santhosh Kumar, Lead Architect
   Schneider Electric (France)
"Mongoose Library is well documented, well supported, stable and full of features. It has a proven track record, obvious ongoing updates and enhancements, and functionality. After testing Mongoose and exploring the features it was the clear winner."
– Tony Gaunce, Principal Engineer
   Broadcom Inc. (USA)
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